Did you ever face problems running around coordinating with various service agents to get things fixed at home/business or at your parents place? FIX is a one stop solution for all your problems.


FIX is a modern solution that helps bridge the gap between professional service providers & consumers. Whether it be your home, your parents place or your business place, you can get things fixed with the stroke of your fingers.

How it Works

Fix Users

3 types of users

Service Provider

There is always chance for the SPs to submit for registration through the app.


Logged users can place requests for home maintenance


Can response to users requests, manage their tasks and set visit appointments


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Benefits to Users

Free Registration

Quality & Guarantee

Easy availability of Servicemen

Check agent rating before hiring

Convenient, Timely & Dependable

Easy payment methods

Cost effective

Good Customer Service

One Solution for many problems

Benefits to Service Providers

Regular source of Business

Payments Guaranteed

Cost free Marketing

Online Recognition

Wide reach of customers

No Registration fee

Gain customer trust

Generate useful business reports


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